Zory – 3D city

In spring 2013, the company ProGea Consulting performed a pilot project on three-dimensional models of buildings for the city center  of Zory. Input: Classified point cloud from the ISOK project (density 12 pkt/m2); Aerial photos (PZGiK); Photos of the buildings facade (photo: T. Majos). Model building was performed using the Terrasolid applications. As a result we created […]

Inventory of forests in Saxony

In 2012, ProGea Consulting, along with the German company LandConsult, completed a pilot project for Sachsenforst, whose aim was to conduct an inventory and generate statistics and maps for selected forest areas of Saxony. The first step was to make an inventory carried out measurements of the three regions of forest professional scanner FARO Focus3D. […]

Develop data for TerraTec company

LIDAR department cooperates with the Norwegian company TerraTec implementing a number of projects related to laser scanning. Cooperation relates  both air (ALS) and mobile (MLS) laser scanning. The ALS LIDAR department performs the following projects: Execution terrain model and production of contours with 1 m cutting – a project for the area of ​​about 3000 km2 […]

Inventory of railway line in South America

In cooperation with the  Argentinian company Consular in 2011-2012 LIDAR department realized projects related to the inventory of the railway line on the section Rosario – Tosta located in Argentina. The project provided for the creation of a very precise model of the ground surface with the outline of the buildings within range of the railway traction. […]

Verification of the project ISOK

Information System of Country Protection Against Extraordinary Hazards (ISOK) is one of the most important projects executed to improve the security of the country against natural risks especially flood. Project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Program and it is implemented in the years 2011-2013. The project is […]