Department of LiDAR ProGea Consulting is responsible for photogrammetric projects, particularly related to laser  scanning. The tasks are performed by experienced surveyors, photogrammetry specialists – Krakow university graduates.

We distribute professional software:

We also conduct professional training courses and webinars suited to customer needs.

Services offered by the Department of LiDAR :

  • matching and classification of point clouds;
  • generation of DTM, DSM and NDSM with LiDAR data;
  • mapping the potential for solar power;
  • generation of surface contours;
  • mapping of road and rail infrastructure;
  • vectorization of architectural objects;
  • preparing of 3D city models;
  • animations and 3D visualization;
  • quality control of air and mobile scanning in the correct geometry, classification,  or correctness of the geometric and radiometric orthophotos;
  • production of orthophotos and true orthophotos (RGB, CIR);
  • aerial photos interpretation;
  • products created on photogrammetric station Dephos include: photogrammetric projects, stereodigitalization of aerial photos, ground and air -based image processing, ortorectification of orthophotos, making and updating of cadastral maps, obtaining a GRID and TIN, the detection of illegal constructions.

Our technology development LiDAR data are used in a variety of areas: