The SaLMaR project

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Multitemporal RapidEye data for Forest Research Institute

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Luxemburg digital forest map inventory

ProGea Consulting, together with international partners, has done the forest inventory of Luxemburg. The goals of this project was to update the boundaries of forest borders, tree species, age, density. Project included also analyzes for the planned wood harvesting strategy. Most of the work was carried out by analysis of Remote Sensing data, including aerial […]

Land Use Land Cover (LULC) change map of Malopolska voivodeship beetwen 1986 and 2011

The aim of the study was to diagnose the main trends of changes that have occurred in the Malopolska Region, covering over twenty five years (1986-2011), and their statistical and graphical representation in the form of digital maps compilation. The project was made based on remote sensing data: RapidEye satellite images and Landsat TM data […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Soil Erosion Risk in Małopolska (Poland), Supported by an Object-Based Image Analysis

The project aimed to identify the areas that are most vulnerable to degradation (potential and current erosion), and therefore, requires to implement effective methods of agricultural soils ta first step. The study used high-resolution RapidEye satellite images from the years 2010-2011, and digital orthophotos. Remote sensing data were processed using object classification (called GEOBIA – […]

Soil-farming map upate of malopolska voivodeship

ProGea Consulting Company made ​​the quality check of geometric and update of agricultural soil in the Malopolska voivodeship. The project required the involvement of a large technical and technology resources, including acquisition of remote sensing images (high resolution satellite images and orthophotos) and because of the short period of product development – automated processes of […]

Land Use Land Cover map i “Vistula Study” project

In preparation for the construction of a new dam and hydroelectric power plant in the middle section of the Vistula River below the Włocławek town and the environmental project documentation ,ProGea Consulting provided geodata and spatial analysis for the area of ​​Plock – Wloclawek – Torun. The main objective was to process of high-resolution, multispectra […]

Object Based Image Analysis of Cracow city

ProGea Consulting Company performed, at the request of the Office of Spatial Planning of Krakow, the LULC map of Cracow City using object-oriented method (GEOBIA). The analysis was carried out using RapidEye satellite images. As a result of the classification distinguishes 11 classes of land cover. The results were used for comparative analysis of changes […]

Thermal activity on degraded mining areas on Silesia

Analysis of thermal activity nearly of 150 mining landfills in Upper Silesia region was conducted using Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 7 ETM + satellite images from 2009. Important part of the project was also to create ranges of landfills in the region – these activities were based on aerial orthophotos. Based on the classification […]

BgPN Geoportal

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