LiS in the basic software package has many useful tools which include allow for the management of LiDAR data in the database or generate raster models (e.g. NMT and NMPT). LiS software consists of the following modules (LIS MOD):

  • LIS Server Admin* – LiS connection configuration software with a database located on the network;
  • LIS Server Management – tools for managing the database and its structure;
  • LIS Server Import – different types of LiDAR data import tools;
  • LIS Server Export – export various types of tools LiDAR data;
  • LIS Profile – profiles drawing tools in a variety of options through the LiDAR point cloud;
  • LIS Point Cloud Tools – basic module for LiDAR data processing;
  • LIS Grid Arithmetic – module contains tools processing and analysis of raster data;
  • LIS Grid Tools – module containing processing tools and raster data manipulation;
  • LIS Filtering – tools for filtering and classification of the point cloud;
  • LIS Thinning – tools for LiDAR point cloud thinning;
  • LIS Trajectory* – tools for managing trajectory and the adjustment of the intensity of the reflected laser beam.

Detailed information about the tools available in the software LiS available here.

*Tools available in LiS Workstation.