QCoherent_white ProGea Consulting is a strategic partner of the U.S. company QCoherent in the Polish and Baltic countries. Both companies also participate in the partnership program ESRI (Silver Partner Network). The company offers for customers modern set of tools for visualizing and editing (LP360) data laser scanning data (LiDAR). Application LP360 is available in three versions with different skill levels. Their names were adjusted to the nomenclature of ESRI products (Basic, Standard and Advanced). With the LP360 in each of these options requires only a basic version of ArcGIS software (ArcGIS Basic). Using the software is possible in three versions:

  • LP360 dla ArcGIS,
  • LP360 32-bit,
  • LP360 64-bit.



LP360 Brochure LP360 – Getting Started LP360 Feature Matrix Ask about prices: mateusz.maslanka@progea.pl