Download and process the LiDAR data on the LiDAR portal city of Wrocław


Our company in cooperation with LASERDATA GmbH has provided LiDAR data for the city of Wroclaw on the site based on the Software Distribution LiS. The application is available via a web browser at You can log in to the portal using the username: and password: demo. We also encourage you to use the 10 other logins and passwords:

user01 – pass01
user02 – pass02
user10 – pass10

LiS Distribution is an application that uses software tools available in LIS. The software consists of three modules that enable: visualization (LiS WEB), storage (LiS SERVER) and processing (LiS MOD) data from laser scanning. Application in demo version allows you to export data LiDAR LAS file, as well as an ASCII file. Additionally, the software allows you to generate contour lines and raster models. Information about the tools which can be implemented is available here

Additionally, we invite you to a webinar with GeoTrener about LiS Distribution software which will address issues related to the use of management applications, visualization and processing of LiDAR data online. We invite you to hour webinar, which will take place on August 23 at 12 PM.

Register for this webinar here.