GIS Day – picture contest

We present correct answers for picture contest organised on GIS Day 2013 in Cracow and Warsaw

1 Iceland

Country in Northern Europe, on Iceland island and more minor islands in northern Atlantic.

2 Moscow 

The capital and the greatest city of Russia, also the biggest city in Europe. One of the most important political, econonomic, cultural, religious and financial, educational, communication and tourist centers in Russia.

3 Hawaii

Archipelago in middle-northern Pacific. It has no land connection with continential part of country distant by 4.000 km. Volcanic origin archipelago. Almost all of Hawaii is one of the American states.

4 The Eye of Sahar, The Eye of Africa

Guelb er Richat, round geological structure located 25 km to northern-east from Vadan, Mauretania. The structure is over 45m in diameter and it’s perfectly visible from space.

5 Northern Korea

The country in Eastern Asia, located in northern part of Korean peninsula. The biggest city and the capital is Pyongyang.

6 Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw 

Located in centre of Warsaw on the Parade Square. Put into usement in 1955, builded in 3 years. Total height is 237m.

7 Main Square in Cracow

Main Square of Old Town has regular square shape, a t the junction of 11 streets. On the Square and in its neighbourhood are located important monuments like St Mary’s Church, Cloth Hall, St Adalbert’s Church or City Hall Tower.

8 Spodek in Katowice

From the outside, main hall looks like a flying saucer (UFO) which is effect of two basic functions comined: sport hall and exhibition hall.

9  Silesian Stadium in Chorzow 

Multifunctional sport stadium located in Silesian Park in Chorzow.

10 Ski Jumps in Zakopane

Great Rafter and the ski jumps of Medium Rafters ski jumps (Medium Rafter, Small Rafter, Tiny Rafter). Great Rafter is named after ski jumper Stanisław Marusarz. Construction point is located 120 m above the ground. It’s located on northern slope of Krokiew Mountain in Western Tatras


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