Training: LiDAR data proccessing in LP360 software

ProGea Consulting Company would like to invite you for training dedicated to LiDAR data processing in LP360 software.

LP360 is a software which can be used both as standalone application and as ArcGIS extension. This makes LiDAR data extremely powerful source of information as a base for Spatial Analysis in GIS.

During the training you will gain a knowledge of:

  • statistical analysis of point cloud attributes,
  • automatic and manual classification of LiDAR data,
  • Digital Elevation Models and Contours Maps generation
  • generation of 3D shapefiles based on LiDAR products,
  • breaklines digitalization,
  • usage of LiDAR data in volumetric calculations,
  • 3D building models generation,
  • 3D data visualisation 3D.

“LiDAR data processing in LP360 software” training take place on 15-17 April in our office in Kraków.

If you are interested in participation at the training, contact us: