Training in LP360 Software online

ProGea Consulting has led the online training in LP360 Advanced software (by QCoherent) for workers of „Bory Tucholskie” National Park.

On the seminars were presented possibilities of creating the section window, profiles and 3D view. There were shown the tools for automatic work with point cloud and importing the data from ASCII to LAS files. The National Park workers have made series of laserdata processing, for example export of statistic do SHP file, creating the terrain discontinuity lines, making the contours of point cloud classes.

It will allow the Park workers to accomplish the plans of nature protection like monitoring of preservation sates of habitats and planning more protective actions, rating the spatial planning, recognizing and monitoring anthropogenic threats (for example investment plans in park lagging). LP360 Advanced software is used for stocktaking and monitoring the flora, describing the ree stand characteristics and for another actions that protection plan obliges to.

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