Training AriMR workers in interpretation and analysis of aerial photoimages

In Warsaw, during 18th and 19th December we have trained 5 AriMR workers in interpretation and analysis of aerial photographies in terms of their use in control 909_GEOtrenerprocess of abideing standards of Good Agriculture (??) and agrarian producers. On the lectures were shown theoretical bases for registration pictures on analog aerial photographic materials (RGB and CIR) and on large digital cameras. Participants have been introduced to process of generationg the orthophotography and aerial orthophotomaps available in PZGiK and also creating photointerpretation keys. During the training part was presented multidirectional view on interpretation of pictures taking into account:

Observation on stereoscopic 3D model (digital station), temporary series of archival orthophotomaps (panchromatic, RGB and CIR) and also medium-resolution (for example LANDSAT) and high-resolution satelite views (Google Earth, Bing Maps). One of presented decisive elements was also use of the altitude data (standardized altitude floral model – ISOK data).

The supplement of picture data was use in interpretation process of oblique pictures made from low celling (plane or baloon). A the there were shown innovatory view on intrepretation based on object analysis – GEOBIA – Geographical Object Based Image Analysis.