3D data from BlackBridge

BlackBridge (i.a. Satelite images supplier) is for now an authorized dealer of NEXTMap World 30 altitude data by Intermap.

NEXTMap World 30 is homogeneous global DSM model (Digital Surface Model) with 30m resolution, builded by connected and adjusted ASTER G-DEM models (30m), SRTM model (90m), GTOPO-30 models (1km). In Model NEXTMap World 30 have been adjusted altitude models errors like, for example empty spaces ar artifacts. To generate a model have been used 200 mln points with accuracy at least 25 cm. It allowed to get the compact pack of global ranged data with accuracy 7m RMSE.

Intermap NEXTMap World 30 models with BlackBridge RapidEye satelite images are making compact pack of data i.a. For analysis geological dangers, catastrophy monitoring, agriculture, water industry, telecommunication or cartography.

Example of data (both NEXTMap World 30 and RapidEye) are available to download from BlackBridge website after logging in.