(polski) AMAZONIA 2013

Our company is one of the founders of project entitled AMAZONIA 2013. We have delivered satelite photographies with association of RAPIDEYE and PhotoAsset Management pack including digital camera RICOH G700SE. It will be used during the trip to Amazonia.

The task of AMAZONIA 2013 project is recognition of the geographic environment. Indentification of nature of lively and inanimate nature and human activity will be executed near the Amazon river, in the area of Manaus and Rio Solimoes, Rio Negro and Rio Purus. The seminars are arganised by the Society of Polish Geomorphologist.

We are recomending to use the map service of AMAZONIA 2013, where you can observe the trip’s progress.

More information on site Projekt AMAZONIA 2013 . Amazonia 2013 seminars are the continuation of the project raised in 2012 during the rainy season and high states of rivers.