Planet LabskadrPlanet designes and manufactrures huge fleet of nanosatellites called Doves. Planet’s core products come from high-resolution satellite images that are offered as individual images (scenes) and mosaics. Raw data (scenes) are captured in 3 visible spectral bands at 3-5 m pixel size. The company declares that in 2016, with a full constellation of 150-200 satellites, they will be able to image the entire globe every day. Planet offers same-day data in three formats:

  • Unrectified product – 12-bit analytic product without orthorectification applied. Radiometric and flat field correction are made to account for radiometric and sensor distortion. Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPCs) are available to transform unrectified data.
  • Analytic product – 12-bit data delivered in a orthorectified 16-bit GeoTIFF file with no visual color-corrections. It is designed for analytical and scientific applications.
  • Visual product – orthorectified 8-bit GeoTIFF that has a color curve pre-applied in order to be more readily useable in most visual analysis and display applications.


Spatial Resolution

Multispectral: 3-5m

Sensor Bands

Blue: 420-530 nm

Green: 500-590 nm

Red: 610-700 nm

Revisit frequency

1 day


150 milion km2

Dynamic Range

12 bits per pixel


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