WV-2kadrWorldView-2 was launched October 8, 2009 as first satellite able to provide 8 spectral bands and panchromatic channel with the spatial resolution of 46 cm. WorldView-2 alone is able to collect nearly 2 milion km2 per day. It is able to revisit any place on Earth in 1.1 days. It operates at an altitude of 770 kilometers. Satellite provides highly detailed imagery for precise map creation, change detection and other image analysis.

Spatial Resolution

Panchromatic: 0.46m

Multispectral: 1.85m

Sensor Bands

Panchromatic: 450-800 nm


Coastal: 400-450 nm

Red: 630-690 nm

Blue: 450-510 nm

Red Edge: 705-745 nm

Green: 510-580 nm

Near-IR1: 770-895 nm

Yellow: 585-625 nm

Near-IR2: 860-1040 nm

Revisit frequency

1,1-3,7 days


1 milion km2

Dynamic Range

11 bits per pixel


WorldView-2 WorldView-2